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Not too long ago my Nana could no longer live at home. So we did what most families do, we looked for the best place to put Nana. We looked at a number of places and finally decided on one of those big communities where nana had her own apartment. We thought we made the right decision, but my nana was never happy. She would often be on her own, soiled and we were never sure if she even got her meds. This broke my heart. 

Now my other grandma had a much different experiences. She moved into a small residential home with only 10 residents. Although it wasn’t as fancy as my Nana’s place she was much happier. She found friendship and became really close with the other 9 residents almost like a 2nd family. The care staff was friendly and treated her like family and she thrived. My grandma had an amazing end of life full of love. It’s the experience that got us to start Class Act Assisted Living. And it’s that same experience we give every family in our home! 

Our Mission



Treat every resident like family and show them unconditional love.



We promise to always do the best thing for each resident.


Peace of Mind

We will take care of all the details so that you can have peace of mind to live your daily life.

Our Team

Karen Gillespise

(General Manager)
Karen has been in the assisted living industry for over 20 years.  She started off by taking care of her parents and she brings that same passion to all residents under her care.  Karen is a local Arizona girl and when she’s working you can find her cheering for the Arizona Cardinals!

Nurse and senior man in wheelchair during home visit.
Lynn Cnningham

Lynn is an integral part of or care team at Class Act. Lynn is a staple in the Mesa elderly care community, not only as a advocate for the elderly, but as a teacher. Lynn teaches at one of the top caregiving schools in AZ. We are fortunate to have her on the team.

Kinah Joy

(Assistant Manager)
Kinah is currently a nursing student and is our lead recruiter. In addition to recruiting the best caregivers in Mesa, she helps create a magical environment for our residents. You will often see Kinah dancing and giving the residents hugs! xoxoxo

Amy & Josh

We are passionate about creating the best experience for all our residents.  We want Gramma Birdie’s experience to be the same as all our residents.  Just because our residents are approaching the tail end of life, it doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with love and joy.  Unlike Karen we are Seahawks fans. 

Angie Howell

(Lead Caregiver)
As the lead caregiver for Class Act, Angie's passion and love for taking care of our residents sets the tone for the rest of our caregivers. Angie's true passion, is to ensure that all of our residents are truly cared for, as if they were our own family members. We couldn't be happier to have Angie on our team!

Jace & Jordyn

(Food eaters and mess makers)
Although they are not legally allowed to be on payroll, Jordyn and Jace play a vital role in the Class Act Operations. You will find the two of them making there weekly visit to all the residents.  When they are not eating all the snacks or making a mess you will find them dancing with the residents.  

24/7 Staff

Dedicated Awake Staff

Around the clock caregiver support with an awake caregiver available at all times to meet the needs of our residents.


1:5 Ratio

Compassionate Caregiving

High caregiver to resident ratio to ensure all residents receive the personalized care they deserve.


20+ Years

Experienced Team

On average, our professional staff has over 20 years of combined total experience in assisted living.


Benefits of Class Act Assisted Living

  • Independent Living 
  • Family Style Assisted Living
  • Specialize in Memory Care
  • Specialized  Alzheimer’s Dementia Care
  • Hospice Care
  • What makes us Class Act

What Makes Us Class Act?

  • Concierge care – meaning we handle the details so you can go on with your busy life 
  • 24/7 visiting hours
  • On Call Physicians and Nurses and specialists
  • Home cooked meals and family style eating 
  • All English speaking staff

Los Alamos Gallery

1249 N Los Alamos, Mesa, AZ

Glencove Gallery

2156 E Glencove St., Mesa, AZ

All Inclusive Pricing

Unlike most assisted living facilities our base price includes complete care. We don’t nickel and dime you for things like “helping mom get to the dining table”

Affordable Rates

 Private rooms starting at $4,900
What our Customers say


We are a family of veterans and are committed to exceptional care for those who have served our country  

My father and grandfather served in the armed forces and w are a family committed to caring for our veterans. If your loved one or spouse served during war time, they may qualify for certain government aid.

Class Act welcomes all veterans and family. 

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