FAQ & Resources

We know you have a tough decision to make when choosing a home for your loved one, so we’ve compiled these common questions to hopefully help make it a bit easier:

  • Do the caregivers live in the facility, or do they work in shifts? 
    Our care givers work in shifts which means that they are always alert, aware and available for your loved one, day or night.
  • What is the staff to resident ratio? 
    1:5. At Class Act we have one of the lowest ratios in Arizona at 1 caregiver for every 5 residents ensuring each resident get the immediate care or help they need when they need it.
  • Is there a licensed medical professional on site at all times? If not, when are they available? 
    We have a dedicated RN for the houses. Our wonderful RN has been with the houses for over 5 years, knows our residents needs, creates personalized care plans for all new residents, and is available for those times when your loved ones will need some additional medical care.
  • What’s included in the monthly fee? 
    See Care Benefits to learn more of what we offer.
  • What can my loved one bring with him to the facility? 
    We have all basic furniture for our new residents, however we encourage bringing their own furniture, pictures and things that make them feel at home. We love when residents bring photos and keepsakes so we can learn about them and their lives.
  • When can I visit?
    We want all residents to feel as if this is their home so we welcome our residents’ families anytime, anyday, 24×7. 
  • How are meals served?
    At Class Act, we believe in family-style dinning to get residents out of their room and mingling. We have found that this type of dining helps residents adjust to their new environment quickly and start making lasting friendships with the residents and staff.
  • How will you meet my loved one’s specific needs? 
    When you come in for a tour we listen to all the needs of your family member and address them. We have a wide range of services to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible.
  • What kind of activities or transportation services are provided? 
    We believe keeping active in both mind and body is very important for our residents, which is why we offer daily activities, games and exercises. Our homes also offer large beautiful outdoor spaces with walking paths for fresh air exercise.  
  • What is the staff turnover rate? 
    We understand that assisted living work is hard work, which is why we treat our caregivers accordingly offering them far higher rates than many houses & offer 401k, health and other benefits to make sure they have as good of care as they give. Because of this we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.
  • How are new staff members checked? 
    We run background checks, check references and verify certifications such as certified caregiver, CPR certified, TB tested, etc. for all new staff members.
  • How is the care plan developed and handled?
    We have a designated resident nurse for the houses that will assess level of care and prepare a care plan for new residents while also reassessing care plans on a regular basis for current residents. 

If you have further questions, please call Josh at 480-710-1154 or email us at: josh@classactalh.com